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Kemmetech develops, designs and manufactures bespoke, flexible polymer-based materials that are used by converters and manufacturers for specialist industry applications.


Today, we produce more radiation protection material than any other company in the world. We also manufacture high-performance specialist polymer vinyls, foams and sound barrier materials to meet customer, industry and international standards globally.


Founded in 1985, our process has evolved over many years. As a result, we have developed one of the most flexible and efficient coating lines anywhere in the world. This produces a consistency and quality that sets us apart.



Our customers come from a diverse range of industries that spans radiation protection, including medical, nuclear and X-ray scanning for security and food sectors. We also provide sound barrier solutions for automotive engineering and heavy plant, and specialist materials for flooring, glazing, optical and aerospace applications. We work with customers to design and manufacture unique material solutions that improve product quality.


Providing a total solution is always the goal. It’s what both excites us and what we do best. We ask more questions than most. We don’t nod towards R&D but embrace it as a core function of our business. We sample, analyze and test the technical and physical properties of every single roll of material off the line. We think of everything. It starts with the customer’s request and the market application, and runs through design, production, seeing the opportunities to innovate, to supply chain and packaging.



Collaboration and innovation are two words you don’t often hear from manufacturing companies. Yet they represent the foundation of our business. Kemmetech has been built on a history of continuous innovation for almost 30 years. Based in Kent in the southeast of England, we are 100% privately owned, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, and exercise a long term commitment to an extensive Research and Development program.


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