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You can see the difference between a tailored suit and one bought off the peg. The same rule can be applied to manufacturing.


The best solution is an exact one. A single product may have different requirements in different countries or regions. Industry standards change. Products must evolve, meaning constant innovation is essential to make more effective - and more cost-effective – solutions. In turn, this translates into a competitive advantage for our customers.


In the past few years alone, Kemmetech has developed handful of new products that have redefined standards in their respective industries. From the lightest, most effective and reliable radiation protection material in the world, to sound barrier materials for the most prestigious automotive brands in the world, that at the same time have been chosen by leading industrial manufacturers.


We created a non-slip wear layer for a globally recognized flooring brand that immediately surpassed the performance of the company’s existing product, and the first unreinforced, hardwearing and low-friction scanner material for security and food processing applications.


We’re nothing if not versatile. You can learn more about some of our innovations in Case Studies.



When a new product application leads to a material being used in a new market for the first time, it forces the relevant standards to adapt and change. Equally, so must the product. It seems obvious that fire standards in the aerospace industry compared to those in the medical sector have different considerations.


When this happens, we take the opportunity to reassess, looking for new materials and better ways of making products. Take Barium, which we now use to make a Lead-free radiation protection product. Barium is considered too heavy for usual applications – but not all. This insight lead to an innovation and new product that is not only changing the face of an industry, but setting a new benchmark for safety standards in a good way.



Innovation is the art of

never standing still.